• On a bright Tuesday morning of January the 30th, 2018 50 children along with 3 Children’s Aid Society Staff and 5 Sahara Charitable Trust personnel visited the Mahanand Dairy at Goregaon. This educational visit was arranged by Sahara Charitable Trust NGO. The children were given a special insight into the processing of good quality milk and the processes involved in making paneer, lassi, curd, ghee, masala chaas, shrikhand, etc. The children were overwhelmed with excitement and asked many questions to the dairy specialist. The children learnt the importance of consuming milk products which are a rich source of calcium and minerals which is needed for healthy growing adolescents. The entire process of the selection of cows, the extraction of milk from the animals, the collection of milk in the huge milk tankers and process of milk being tested for the sake of consumption was explained in great detail. This information was very new to the boys and they really started to enjoy the visit even more. During the visit the children were given to taste the Mahanand Bahar Lassi. In addition the children were given in depth information about the

    - Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) milk processing procedure. In this process, milk is heated to very high temperatures for just a few seconds to kill harmful microorganisms. This milk has no preservatives and does not need to be boiled, making it ready for consumption straight out of the package.

    - Aseptic packaging plant. This is an area within the plant where sterile milk is packaged in a sterile container to maintain sterility.

    - Milk Collection System. This system enables the calculation of fat in the total volume of milk. It was also learnt that Mahanand dairy is continuously supplying Ultra-High Temperature milk to Indian Navy, Base Victualling Yard, Colaba, and Mumbai from past 3 years. The experience was an excellent way to practically let the children learn and simultaneously enjoy the story of milk and milk products. The children returned much wiser and conscious of the importance of consuming safe milk products.

    The Children’s Aid Society, Mumbai is thankful to the Sahara Charitable Trust for taking up such a noble initiative.