• Mumbai: The Mentally Deficient Children’s Home, Mankhurd (MDC) held a felicitation ceremony on the 17 th of April 2018. 3 girls namely Ujjwala (age 29), Sonali (age 29) and Anamika (age 24) were honoured in the presence of esteemed guests and staff of The Children’s Aid Society, Pratham NGO, Chunauti NGO and the children of the home. The girls were trained for a period of 3 months by Pratham NGO who saw great potential in them and encouraged them throughout the process. The girls were helped in their rehabilitation process after establishing that they had the necessary skills for it. Additionally, a recent IQ test indicated that the girls are now in the normal range of IQ.

    Ujjwala, Anamika and Sonali entered the MDC Home in the year 2002, 2005, and 2011 respectively. When they entered the home their IQ was in the slow learner range. However with the persistent efforts of the MDC Home staff, the special educators, Pratham NGO and Chunauti NGO the girls showed a lot of progress. They became a source of inspiration to all the children. The esteemed guests who attended the program were Mr.Pravin Bhavsar the Chief Officer of the Children’s Aid Society, Mr. Satish Bansode the Deputy Chief Officer of the Children’s Aid Society, Dr Asha Bajpai of TISS, Ms. Savita Shanta Anand, Ms.Sharda Talreja - the chairperson suburban Mumbai's CWC, Shyam Gorad - the chairperson of the Suburban II panel and Mr.Abhishek Mirkale.

    The final step of rehabilitation included making the girls self-sufficient by giving them a job and providing them with residential arrangements at the Tammana Hotel itself in Pune District. This was possible only with the help of Chunauti NGO. The program ended with a beautiful speech from one of the girls and the giving away of gifts to them by Chunauti NGO.