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Based on the soundest principles that every child should be explored to grow up to earn a respectable member of the society with a clear conscience and ability to earn a living this Home was in fact the brainchild of late K. M. Munshi, who was the Home Member of Bombay State and took initiative in getting required land from the Government.

Programs In The Institution

Children from 6 to 18 years of age reside in Chembur Children’s Home. The institution has its own school for these children and the children get education from class 1 to class 10 in the scenic surroundings of CCH.

In addition, facilities are provided for vocational skills and miscellaneous activities. Employees make all efforts to develop the personality of the children.

Carpentry classes:

Children are taught how to make chairs, tables, beds, etc.

Tailoring classes:

Training for stitching pants and shirts is given.

Computer classes:

Basic computer education (MS Office – Word, Excel, Power Point, etc) is provided to familiarize children with computers.

Hairdressing classes:

Interested children are taught hairdressing in the saloon by the barber who dresses the children’s hair.

Cricket coaching:

Coached by a dedicated coach, boys from CCH have performed very well in several cricket competition events. All necessary equipment is provided by the institution.

Annual sports festival:

The institution organizes a grand sports festival every year. Boys look forward eagerly for this event, in which boys of all ages participate. Winners are awarded prizes.

Annual picnic:

In the summer vacations all the children are taken for a day long picnic to a water park.

Celebration of different festivals:

All Indian festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Id, etc are celebrated in the institution.

Future Plans

1. Build compound wall around the kutirs (dormitories) for the security of the boys.
2. Develop a well stocked library for the boys.
3. Develop a small garden and courts/facilities for games such as table tennis, badminton, etc.
4. Reconstruction of all toilets.
5. Construction of a modern kitchen.
6. Modernization of carpentry and tailoring classes.
7. Construction of a well equipped gymnasium.
8. Development of a guidance center for competitive exams

Case Studies

1. Name: Kiran Chache (D.O.B: 14/06/1978)

Kiran was admitted to CCH in the year 1987 as per the court order. He was a destitute. Since he was good in studies, the authorities provided him all kinds of provisions to improve his efficiency in studies. After completing his grade 10, Kiran joined the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) for the trade of Fitter and successfully completed the course. He completed his 18 years of age in the year 1997 and was released from the home. However, with the assistance of an NGO working at CCH, Kiran was placed at BARC as a technician. Even when Kiran was working at BARC, he did not abandon his dreams of continuing his studies. He got married to Swati and they were blessed with a child who is now 8 years old. He also owns a house at Juinagar. Thus, in spite of the family and job that he had to look after he simultaneously completed his diploma and now aspires to procure a degree. Besides all these, he is also very enthusiastic to come to CCH on various occasions and encourage and guide the children currently staying at CCH. He tries to extend his support to the authorities for the growth and welfare of the children. Thus, he is greatly fond of the institution and tries every bit for its overall development.

2. Name: Aashish (D.O.B: 22/11/2006)

Aashish, aged 9years, was admitted to Aasha Sadan as per the order passed by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) on 9/12/2006. Since his parents were not found in spite of the search that underwent, he was declared destitute by the CWC on 04/05/2007 and was allowed to undergo adoption. But he could not obtain such an opportunity neither in India nor outside the country. The child was of a frail nature and suffered from Mild Cerebral Palsy. Thereby, he was admitted to CCH on 31/10/2013 for his rehabilitation and education. After he was brought to CCH, the authorities took special care of the boy child and provided him with all the necessary medical assistance to improve his physical condition. Moreover, he was also given special nutritional support at CCH. The medical faculty at CCH took special care of Aashish, as a result of which his physique improved to a great extent. The care taker registered his name into the school run by the institution. All the teachers showered their love and affection on him. All these helped him to be an active part of the various programs conducted in the school. He is very much contented being at CCH. Currently he is studying in grade 3.

3. Name: Jeevanprasad Nandaram Joshi (D.O.B: 23/03/1998)

Jeevan was brought to CCH under the guidance of the CWC on 27/06/2007. He was studying in grade 4 at the time of admission to CCH. Jeevan performed extremely well in his studies every year. He excelled not only in curricular but also in extra-curricular activities especially in sports. Also, Jeevan passed his 10th grade with 74.40% in the year 2014 and stood second in position in his school (Children’s Aid Society’s Higher Secondary School).

He bagged the 5th place in the Thane Marathon in the year 2014 and was awarded a medal and a certificate for the same. He also was a winner for the various sports competitions (Kabbadi, Kho-Kho and Relay race) held by the Jilla Mahila Baal Mahotsav Spardha, Chembur and was awarded medals and certificates for the same. Moreover, he won the first place in the Relay race and was felicitated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri.Prithviraj Chavan.

Jeevan opted for the science stream at Sommaiya college for grade 11. Currently, he is procuring his grade 12 (year 2018-16) and has been working really hard to do well in his board examination.

Jeevan is a very helpful boy and has got great respect for all the authorities.

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