CAS helps angel transplant her earlobe and regain hearing

A prety looking girl named Angel (name changed) with dupatta wrapped around her head entered in children's home in the month of July 2019. She is deaf and mute but her beautiful eyes speaks a lot. Because of her innocence and affable nature Angel turned out one of the favourite girl for staffs and other inmates. Unfortunately a sad fact about Angel was her abnormal ear condition. She was suffering from a congenital anamoly called (AVM) ArterioVenous MalformaƟon of right earlobe. In this condition blood vessels i.e. Arteries (carries pure blood) and Veins (carries impure blood) are tangled and irregularly connect with each other. This abnormal connection disrupts blood flow and oxygen circulation process. And so the surrounding part may not get enough oxygen. This blood vessels are poorely developed and so these can be rupture anyƟme and even by a small push or hit to ear. If they ruptured in brain it can cause bleeding in brain leads to stroke with brain damage. It's fatal and life threatening Condition.

Angel used to manage with this Condition as she is facing it since birth. Also all staff of children's home provided her special care. She often suffer from pain in ear and neck and needs weekly follow up at ENT check up at KEM hospital. Finally after so many investigation and repeated health check ups when all things sets at normal, plastic Surgeon at KEM hospital decided for her surgery for excision of ear AVM . For surgery we needed to pay about 1 lakh rs. Probation officer immediately arranged this fund with the help of our women and child development department, mumbai. With the permission of child welfare committee date fixed for surgery in 2020 but because of covid 19 pandemic norms and regulaƟons surgery withheld by KEM hospital Ɵll March 2021.

Again recheckups done at hospital for surgery and finally Angel admiƩed at KEM hospital on 18 March 2021. We are in regular contact with the plastic surgeon dr. Chandrashekhar regarding Angel's health C Probation officer and medical staff done constant visits to hospital to meet Angel and gave her hopes for best to happen. On 5th of April 2021 after 5 to 6 hours efforƟve work Doctors successfully performed and completed this complicated surgery. Angel discharged from hospital after 1 month. She was very happy and expressed feeling of thankfullness for all doctors of KEM hospital and children's home staff. after surgery also she needed regular checkups and follow-ups at hospital for about 6 months. She is rehabilitated by child welfare committee. As beauty lies in her soul, now Angel is doing the beuƟcian course to offer beauty to others.