Branch 9


This institution is meant for the benefit of children who are victims of natural calamity, social apathy, and death of parents. Owing to one or a combination of socio-economic factors, and for no fault on their own part, when children are down in the dumps, BKN tries to provide them child friendly services such as :

- Residential Care, Medical and Paramedical Services.
- Formal Education and Vocational Training.
- Case Work Practice, Counseling and Guidance.
- Opportunities for Development of Character and Personality through games and recreational programmes

This institution has facilities for 200 boys and 200 girls.

Note :

BKN receives Rs. 950/- Rs. Ninehundred fifteen only per child per month inclusive of staff salary. It falls short of actual expenditure. So, the Society has introduced Educational Sponsorship of children.

Any individual may sponsor a boy or a girl by donating Rs. 6000/- per annum (US $ 125) Corporate bodies and Charitable Trusts may sponsor a group of boys and girls. For a group of 10 children, the amount would be Rs. 72,000/- per annum (US$ 1600 per annum) or in multiples thereof.

Contact Us at :

Bal Kalyan Nagri (BAL Sadan) Agarwadi Village Road, Mankhurd Mumbai-400088
Tel no :- +91-022-25580557
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