CAS rehabilitated Jyoti gave her justice by getting the accused arrested

Name of the Child - Jyoti Tiwari (Name Changed) Name of the Institution - Dongri, Children Home Age of the Child - 16 Years Superintendent - Rahul Kanthikar Lady Superintendent - Vasanti More Probation Officer - Renuka Jadhav Counsellor - Diana (NGO - Ashiyana)

On 2nd August 2021, Jyoti Tiwari age 16 years was admitted to Dongri, Children Home after her general medical done by Mumbai Central Railway Police in Nair hospital. Next day morning Jyoti was not taking her bath and even was not allowing other girls to help her for it as she was in pain. Immediately, Lady Superintendent Vasanti More observed it and contacted our home Doctor, Pradnya for examination. Jyoti’s vaginal was continuously bleeding and she had rope marks on her hand and even had scars on her body.

Later, Dongri Lady Superintendent,Matrin and even on duty Caretakers made her to eat food. She was fond of spicy food only when asked she mentioned that her biological mother died in Uttar Pradesh and later they shifted to Mumbai, Naigaon with her father and brother.

Her father remarried but within few years he also died by committing suicide. Jyoti also mentioned that her step mother never cooked food at home and always gave her to eat Chinese from outside. She even stated that within few days after her father died her step mother also left them. On the same day, Jyoti during her interview with Probation officer she confessed that she was raped and in search of her elder brother she left her house from Naigoan, Mumbai and didn’t give any more information. She was not in her conscious and stable mind. Jyoti was immediately presented in front of CWC and by their order and permission she was admitted to J.J. Hospital.

Jyoti was in ICU for 25-30 days as she was infected by Hepatitis B which commonly spreads by sexual contact. Later, when she was shifted to general ward. With constant counselling sessions and huge support from counsellor Diana, Jyoti opened up and Zero F.I.R was registered and her 164 statement was taken in J.J hospital itself. Jyoti mentioned that “she left home in search of her brother as her house owner removed because she was not able to pay rent. she met a man (age 32-35) whom she had seen many a time at her locality, he offered her help to search her brother and took her to Nallasopara. There she was raped multiple times by 4 men at Nallasopara phata in a tailor shop. They had kept her for 4 days and even tied her with rope so that she doesn’t run. Fifth day morning they dragged her in a car and brought to Nallasopara railway station and made her to sit in train. She however managed to get down at Mumbai central station”.

Minor details and continuous follow up was given to DWCD, CWC and Home Superintendent by Probation Officer about the case. Home Superintendent Rahul Kanthikar Sir kept regular follow up regarding the case and the child health. Even interval visits to J.J Hospital were done by CWC, Lady Superintendent, Caretaker and Probation Officer. Jyoti was discharged after 1 and half month and DCWD managed her complete medical finance. Later, Jyoti was taken to spot verification in presences of Probation officer, Counsellor and Vasai Police. Vasai Police had a very supportive role as they immediately arrested the main accuse and 2 others but unfortune Jyoti didn’t remembered the 4th accused face. Vasai Police Department also rewarded and felicitated the case PI and Dongri, Children home Probation Officer.

Later, Jyoti’s case was transferred to Palghar CWC at shifted to Boisar special home for further studies.

Each person connected to this case played a very important and special role.