I am deeply indebted to my CAS Family...

Whatever I have earned in life today is only because of these two organizations. And if Children's Aid Society Madhyamik Vidyalaya had not come in contact with me, I could not have imagined where I would be today. Bal Kalyan Nagri took care of me like a parent and gave me bread. Children's Aid Society Madhyamik Vidyalaya taught me how to earn bread and gave me education. I remember as a child my world was contained in this institution. Child Welfare Nagar The discipline of the institution was absolutely strict. There was no form of entertainment like TV etc.So I had a keen interest for reading and writing as a child. I got used to the stage from the 2nd standard and till now I spend most of my time on the stage. I came into contact with the art of oratory during my primary education. Shri Kalan, Shri Patil Sir and Shri Bhujbal Sir made my foundation strong. So the childhood stage fright was gone foreve. I learned to speak and act easily on stage. After completing my primary education, I joined Children Aid Society Madhyamik Vidyalaya for further education. And this is where my life took a different turn.

Because of this school, I got connected with art and it flowed in my veins. The teachers of this school gave me a lot of love and affection. The school teachers worked hard to make me. All the teachers were very good and Shri Page sir gave me a valuable guidance in art and drama. Saubhagyavati Kanchan Patil Madam, Saubhagyavati Bandivdekar Madam Saubhagyavati Khale madam etc - so far teachers have worked hard to make my love for language and art flourish. I started to be counted among the smart students of the school. Baba Atomic Research Center was a government company of Government of India in front of the school and institute. So, when I saw this company while coming from school, I thought as a child that I should study and work in this center. Some students from that area were in our school. Therefore, I had a curiosity and attraction towards BARC, a research center.


I passed the 10th grade in 1989 with excellent marks. I wanted to study in a college but the situation at home was too weak. The director of the institution, Madam Pathare, was well aware of the poverty of my home, so she admitted me to ITI Mulund for further education. Education facilities were provided through the institute. After completing two years of ITI course and one year of NCTVT course, I came to Chembur. The situation at home was so bad that I had to put aside my further studies and get a job. During the years 1993-1995 I was working whatever work I could get to run my household. I was working hard and trying hard for a job, and finally my efforts were successful. In three years of work, I have experienced many things in my struggled life and have learned a lot. I had made up my mind that I would not give up now and work hard to get a job. And in 1996 I got a job call as a clerk in the governor's office. So now I decided to do anything to get this job. In this job interview, my smart answers and talkative nature impressed everyone and finally I got the job. They felt the sincerity of my words and eventually I got the job. But my passion and hunger for art should not be vanished. Since Raj Bhavan was a VIP, there were difficulties to have time and doing the programs I loved to do.

Anyway, it is said that if there is a will, there will be a way. Finally, I got a job call from the Bhaba Atomic Research Center Trombay, which was my dream. After completing all the meetings and competitions there, I was finally appointed there. Since it is a Central government job, lots of facilities were available. So I left Raj Bhavan and joined Bhaba Atomic Research Centre. After joining the service of BARC, I got a lot of time for drama camp, street theater, art festival, orchestra, state drama competition, acts and public awareness programs. Now I started participating in various arts and made my small name in the field of art. I was now exhibiting my art in a big stage. I also started participating in programs at work and the awards and certificates started piling up. I was now well stable.I now arranged my elder sister's wedding on my own, without anyone's support, did my own marriage and created a house without having parents with me. I faced tough situations fearlessly and faced the crisis without fear and became a successful person. My friends and some of my relatives know the story of my success so they are proud of me and always praise me. I created my universe from scratch with no one to have my back. I will never forget the gratitude of Bal Kalyan Nagri and Childrens Aid Society Madhyamik Vidyalaya. Both of them shaped me and their mannerism and discipline is still useful for me in today's world. I produced works like social short films, some songs and will soon be seen doing a small role in a Marathi film. My oratorical skills gave me the opportunity to become a speaker and today I am respected in the society and in the art field as a good speaker. I have gave training in art, lectures about personality development, written songs and directed acts. I do all these with my passion. Today I am considered as a good narrator in the art field and I have traveled a lot for cultural events.


Today my children are getting proper education. I myself bear the educational expenses of my sister's son. Also I actively participate in social work. Social work on the side is also my ongoing. Every year, me and my colleagues give dance and drama training to the children of BMC school, prepare them competitively and many prizes have been won by those children. We work to make those children.

The society in which we have lived has given us so much, now we have to give back to them as well. Thanks to all the hard work of people and blessings, I have been successful till now. Thank you all for the love and support people have always given me. I have always kept all of your footsteps in the corner of my heart and will always be grateful.