CAS Helped me purse my dream of becoming a lawyer

I completed my education with Job. I entered the legal field to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a lawyer, to seek justice for those who are deprived of the same because of economic, social and ignorance of law barricades.

My Brother Advocate Shri. Rajesh Govind Satpute, Shri. Sachin Govind Satpute Shri. Manoj Govind Satpute, Literary /Litterateur / Avant-Grade Shri. Arjunji Dangle Saheb, Shri. Avinash Mahatekar Saheb, Shri. D. G. Kavale Sir, (Principal CASMV, Mankhurd Mumbai) My friends who has helped and motivated me for reaching my achievement.

In the year 2012, I completed my law from University of Mumbai and In the year 2010, I completed my Diploma in Labour Law & Labour Welfare. In the year 2016 I completed Master of Law (LLM) from University of Mumbai in Environmental and Legal Order.

I have dedicated my Law degree to my Father Shri. Govind Nathuji Satpute, My Mother Smt. Indubai G. Satpute and Late Shri. Milind G. Vasudeo, (Advocate & Solicitor, Senior Counsel), Smt. Dr. Nima M. Vasudeo, Shri. T. N. (Raju) Subramanian, Senior Counsel, Shri. Vishal Phal, Advocate, Late Shri. L. S. Lulla, (Rtd. IAS, Advocate, Former Chief Secretary State of Maharashtra, former Governor of Pondicherry), Shri. K. Sivaramkrishnan (Rtd. IAS), Shri. Dr. Pankaj K. Phadnis, Shri. Satish Tripathi (Rtd. IAS. Former Addl. Chief Secretary State of Maharashtra, Shri. Manmohan Singh, (Rtd. IAS) who has helped me to understand me and I have completed their dreams.

Today I have a full-fledge plush office, qualified & competent team, who can face any legal challenges. Believe that my education & life experience helps me to communicate better with my client’s as well aggressively defend them and seek justice. My knowledge, dedication & solid network makes me unmatched in my area of practice and the wise choice for my clients.

In my long career, I have successfully represented many Individual as well as corporate clients on various complicated legal issues. I am the perfect combination of passion & profession, doing what I was meant to do. I have successfully handled Bhima Koregaon Case before Shivajinagar District Court, Pune and Supreme Court of India and also handled Case of Manjula Shetty Murder mystery.

I am practicing Mumbai High Court, Family Court, Mumbai, Pune & all Maharashtra. Property Cases all over Mumbai and Maharashtra Revenue and SRA. Charity Commissioners office, Mumbai.