CAS tirelessly helped Yasmin track her family and helped her with essential medical aid

Name of the Child- Yasmin Khan (Name Changed) Name of the Institution- Dongri, Children Home Age of the Child - 16 Years Superintendent - Rahul Kanthikar Lady Superintendent- Vasanti More Probation Officer - Renuka Jadhav Counsellor - Pooja Arora (CAS)

On 4th December 2019, Yasmin Khan age 15 years was admitted to Dongri, Observational Home with her general medical done by Govandi Police.

ISSUE- Behavioural issues such as continuous crying, not able to sit in one place for more than 2 minutes, changing home address, removing cloths, wearing multiple cloths, not having food, attempts to run from the girl section gate, not bathing, not able to do her basic things need help to do it.

She was Presented to CWC by Probation Officer and later was sent to J.J Hospital for further medicalcheck-up.Medicines were given by Psychiatrist. (Based on here behaviour)

As in this case no proper counselling session was taken by the counsellor as Yasmin was not mentally stable. Home Superintendent Rahul Kanthikar Sir kept follow up regarding the case and even gave guidance. All girls in Home, on Duty caretakers and Lady Superintendent took special care (behaviour mentioned above). On regular intervals Probation Officer also tried to find out information during interview but she constantly use to cry and get anxiety as she missed her parents. After 1 month the counsellor starting noting down all the statements by her such as“She stated that her name is Yasmin but later on she said that her name is Bilkis. She studiesin Love Guru Public School in Nallasopara but this school didn’t exist when verified. She later on mentioned multiple locations such as Muhammad Ali, Pydhonie, Vakanpada, Santosh Bhawan, Mumbra and many more. Later on, she even stated that she was raped and 2 boys had tied and also hit her, but she was able to understand that this act is not normal if happened to her. She cried a lot as she was missing her family and even few days later, she said that her father use to hit her but she loves her father and miss him. She even was stick to one phone number every time but that number was switched off but 2 months later the number was on (as counsellor use to call daily on that number) once lady picked up but she denied that she knows any Yasmin or Bilkis.

Counsellor talked to her on regular basis. She even visited to Nallasopara twice as yasmin was very particular of one location- ‘Nallasopara’. Counsellortook permission from Probation Officer and took her photo and firstly, visited Nallasopara West Police station and met one parent who had register their missing child complaint as to verify but they belong to Hindu family and add on to it many things were not matching. (The parent also once had visited in Dongri in the month of December and Yasmin had cried; hugged and said that that’s her parents but they denied so that’s the reason verified again). Secondly Visited ANJUMAN school which was mentioned by Yasmin as she had a good command of English language. But her name was not there in that school so than went to Nallasopara east three Police Stations (Tulinj; Valiv; Vakanpada) in order to check any missing or kidnap complaint registered by her parents but didn’t find anything. Yasmin always had suicidal thoughts like she kept on saying she will kill herself or pled us to kill her as she is done from her life. Lastly, counsellor with CWC permission and under guidance of Probation office and with the help of Shivaji Police she took Yasmin to nalasopara for a visit as she had a trust on child. Yasmin was taken to nalasopara highway and after 2-3 wrong attempt she was able to show the house. Her locality people recognised her and showed her house. Her name was Samira and not Yasmin and that’s her sister’s name.Her family monetary condition is below poverty. 3 daughters 1 elder brother. Father is hospitalized and mother is a housewife. Earning member is the elder brother only.

Finding- Samira was 17years old. She was a dropout (school have removed her because of her behaviour as said by family member) student from Love Guru Public school (Bombay-Worli). Study till standard 7th so was able to understand the concepts. As her father was not well and they took him to Nair hospital for treatment so from there Samira was missing and they had registered a missing complaint in nearby police station. As stated by family member she was missing from 27th November but CHILD HELP found her on 4th December from Govandi railway station. As stated by parents she was mentally not stable, runs from home for few hours but comes back. They even tie her and hit because of her behaviour and they are not able to control her. Taken her to doctor also but didn’t continue the procedure due to financial status. Even took her to some “baba” as they believe in magic.

Samira was brought back to Dongri home and the next day was handed over to her parents by CWC after all verification and proof by the parents. Monthly Home visit by counsellor was done for 4-5 months. (As she was physically abused by family members as she does have burnt marks on her hands and the family agreed that they have done and will stop it). Later, she was even admitted to Thane, Mental Hospital with attached CWC letter and further follow up was done by Prayas. Currently, she is discharged from Mental Hospital and is with her parents.